Darren Hardy Foreword

Special Message from Darren Hardy Understanding, inspiring, and empowering entrepreneurs are the big ideas that get me out of bed in the morning. They drive my commitments as a publisher, author, speaker, and mentor. Th e thrill of sitting down with a phenomenally successful entrepreneur and learning what makes that person tick; the ability to share those insights with men and women who are just starting out (or moving up) in business; the opportunity to put my lifetime of experience in business to good use as a reference for the next guy, those are the experiences that shape me, shape my magazine SUCCESS, and shape my books and speeches.

Pete Gilfillan and I share a deep-seated and genuine enthusiasm for championing the aspiring entrepreneur. We’ve both known, maybe all our lives, that being self-directed and self-employed has a magic to it. Deep down, I think we all know that magic is out there waiting for us to capture it.

Lately, at my every opportunity, starting with my new book Th e Entrepreneur Roller Coaster and extending to pretty much anyone who will listen, I like to talk about time. Specifically, about this time, right now, when the rules for going into business are changing dramatically every single day. We stand at a unique moment in business history, a moment when technology has made it possible for anyone to reach out and connect with the world, with the public, and with the customer, in ways that weren’t even dreamed of a decade ago. Or even a year ago.

What does it mean for aspiring entrepreneurs and for the legions of corporate workers who’ve been dreaming of going into business for themselves? It means this is the moment to make that happen. Decades from now, those who made the most of this window of opportunity will be looking back fondly, remembering how they found the courage to take a chance and jump on that Entrepreneur Roller Coaster at just the right time.

So what’s the first step a man or woman has to take to catch the coaster? In my experience, the first, and hardest, is over-coming the crippling fear of stepping into the unknown. Th e easiest way to get over that fear? Read. Ask questions. Acquire the knowledge that gives you confidence in the choices you’re about to make. Learn what that entrepreneur coaster ride is all about so you can hop on, thrilled and terrified, yes, but ready for the ride of a lifetime.

In HIRE YOURSELF, Pete Gilfillan has authored a book that shares an insider’s knowledge and experience in making smart, informed choices in franchise investment. Pete speaks directly to the intelligent, hard-working men and women who might benefit most from taking a chance right now. At a time when corporate America seems less and less appreciative of loyalty and long-term service, Pete encourages readers to bet on themselves, to leverage their hard-earned skills, savings, and work ethics to their best advantage. HIRE YOURSELF is a roadmap to the possibilities of thinking outside the traditional career box.

In the first pages of this book, Pete Gilfillan credits me with saying something that gave him a metaphorical push to tackle an issue that matters to him: the issue of middle-aged corporate execs who find themselves laid off , downsized, pushed into retirement or burnt out, and yet never consider the option of entrepreneur-ship. And Pete really did tackle his topic, rolling up his sleeves and digging in to research, write and publish his message of creating career independence through franchise investment. I’m honored to have played a small part in encouraging him to bring this book to life.

In The Compound Effect, I wrote, “You make your choices, and then your choices make you.” It’s a quote that often comes back to me, from readers who’ve taken it to heart and made a life change, big or small. And it’s a quote that Pete Gilfillan exemplifies to its best advantage. He chose the less-travelled path of entrepreneurship. He chose to take a chance to better life for his family. He chose to work tirelessly to make a success of his business. And he chose to build a whole new career centered around helping others like him find their way to entrepreneurial success. Pete made his choices, and then his choices made him. Th e result is an enthusiastic, ethical, self-made man with an enthusiastic, ethical, and truly valuable book to share.

If you’re looking for a guide that explains not just the fundamentals of franchising, but the ins and outs of choosing and investing in one with a stellar concept, a reliable business system, and a commitment to successful franchisees, you’ll find a wealth of information in HIRE YOURSELF. You’ll find dependable facts, unique perspectives, and valuable insights into the potential of proven systems. You’ll find a wealth of what-to-do and what-NOT-to-do tips. And you’ll find it all written in the refreshingly direct and positive voice Pete brings to everything he says and does.

Pete Gilfillan is living proof of the success that can be achieved when you HIRE YOURSELF.

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