Who hasn’t had the inkling or even the outright conviction that we could be more successful, more fulfilled, and more satisfied if we could invest in ourselves? How many of us have given our time, our knowledge, our energy, and our loyalty to corporate careers, only to discover that our contributions don’t guarantee gratitude, upward mobility, or even job security? Why consider franchising? Franchise investors reap all the rewards of entrepreneurship, self-determination, personal and professional freedom, unlimited potential for profitability without all the risks of going it alone. What’s the difference? In franchising, someone has already dreamed the big dream, figured out how to make it work, marketed it well, and sold it to create a well-defined niche. And now, that person is looking for an investor and partner to help build on that success.
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Hire Yourself Book Cover

This book is for all the successful, hardworking people who know in their hearts they could make it on their own. For those of you who have that nagging sense there could be more to your working lives, more to you, than just putting in hours and waiting for retirement. For those who have been displaced from promising careers and are struggling to find the right path back to positive productivity and substantal earnings. Each of you has had the inkling, or even outright conviction, that you could be more successful, more fulfilled, more satisfied if you could invest in yourself.

Reading the Hire Yourself Book Will Help You:



Leverage your expertise and resources to build a bridge out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship.



Learn how to choose a franchise concept that’s the right franchise for you.



Understand how to capitalize your investment and minimize your risks.



Recognize and avoid common mistakes and traps.



Know that franchising is all about working for yourself, but not by yourself.

Foreword by Darren Hardy

Publisher & Founding Editor of SUCCESS Magazine

Understanding, inspiring, and empowering entrepreneurs are the big ideas that get me out of bed in the morning. They drive my commitments as a publisher, author, speaker, and mentor. The thrill of sitting down with a phenomenally successful entrepreneur and learning what makes that person tick; the ability to share those insights with men and women who are just starting out (or moving up) in business; the opportunity to put my lifetime of experience in business to good use as a reference for the next guy, those are the experiences that shape me, shape my magazine SUCCESS, and shape my books and speeches.

Pete Gilfillan and I share a deep-seated and genuine enthusiasm for championing the aspiring entrepreneur. We’ve both known, maybe all our lives, that being self-directed and self-employed has a magic to it. Deep down, I think we all know that magic is out there waiting for us to capture it.


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